How to sign up for a live webinar

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How to sign up for a live webinar

Signing up for one of our live webinars is really easy!

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to do that:

  1. Select the webinar that you want to attend (from our Homepage or the “Webinars” section of the website).
  2. Click on ADD TO CART.
  3. The cart icon at the top of your screen will display how many products have already been added.
  4. Click on VIEW CART and follow the instructions.
  5. If you have a coupon to get a discount, insert the coupon code and then click on APPLY COUPON. The overall amount will change automatically.
  6. Click on CHECKOUT.
  7. Fill out the form with your personal data. 

– If you already have an account, click on “Returning customer? Click here to log in”.

– If you have a coupon, click on “Do you have a coupon? Click here to insert your discount code”. 

  1. Choose your preferred payment method and complete the transaction.
  2. You will automatically receive a confirmation of your order via email.
  3. If the webinar that you have selected involves any special offers (e.g. getting some on-demand courses for free), any extra contents will be accessible through your account approximately 7-10 days after the end of the webinar. Any free contents will be made available on your account automatically. 

If you experience any difficulties, please visit our HELP DESK section or contact us by using the online chat.


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