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Istituto di Scienze Cognitive SRL

The Institute of Cognitive Sciences (ISC) Ltd. (Istituto di Scienze Cognitive in Italian) was founded in 2005 by Alessandro Carmelita, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, and his wife, Valeria Idini, to achieve the goal of offering mental health professionals high-quality training opportunities, especially in the field of Psychotherapy and Neuroscience.

 Over the years, our range of professional development opportunities has become increasingly wider: since the first Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness workshops were held, the Institute’s activities have been gradually intensifying, with a special focus on attachment-based treatment models. Furthermore, after a third business partner – Laura Beccia, Psychologist and Psychotherapist – joined the company and our team started cooperating with internationally well-known Experts such as Jeffrey Young, Sue Johnson, Daniel Siegel and Pat Ogden, we undertook more and more ambitious projects, such as organizing an International Training in Schema Therapy, as well as several other professional development opportunities in the field of Neurobiology and, even more importantly, in that of trauma treatment. The growing interest for the treatment of trauma disorders was the driving force that pushed us to plan the most iconic of all our events: the “Attachment and Trauma” Congress, which was held, for the very first time, in 2014, in Rome. The Congress was a great success: with an unprecedented attendance rate and the participation of mental health professionals coming from over 30 different Countries in the world, the event marked a real turning point for ISC, thus encouraging us to gradually increase the number of training opportunities provided and to tailor them for a more international audience. In this respect, 2017 marked a real change of direction for our team, starting with a deep renewal and revitalization of the company’s identity. Dr. Carmelita’s determination to reach a wider, more heterogeneous audience, as well as to organize events meeting international quality standards, led to an actual change of the company’s brand: the name Institute of Cognitive Sciences was replaced by ISC International Ltd. Besides this, in 2017 the company first extended its activities to foreign markets: over the course of just 12 months, the “Attachment and Trauma” Congress was held three times, in three different cities around the world – London, Rome and New York – each time with different Presenters exploring different subjects. An unprecedented result since the company was founded. The huge success of this Congress abroad (e.g. the one in London was attended by more than 1,300 people coming from 42 Countries in the world) marked the beginning of the internationalization process that has characterized our projects until today. As a matter of fact, since 2017, ISC has been organizing dozens of events – conferences, workshops and training courses – every year, not only in Italy and the United Kingdom, but also in Greece, Sweden and the United States. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in the Spring of 2020 marked a sudden and unexpected change of course for the company: after having been forced to cancel many of our courses, we had to react swiftly and effectively to the challenges posed by the pandemic. A new strategy, aimed at surviving the deep financial crisis that was severely hitting the whole events industry, was developed and, after a few weeks of intense work, all our projects were almost entirely converted into online training opportunities. As a consequence, new types of courses have been added to the range of professional development opportunities that we provide every year: live webinars and video courses. Even though most of our events continue to be held online, we are doing our very best to make a gradual return to in-person courses happen, while respecting the highest standards of safety. We are firmly convinced that – besides the quality of our training opportunities – the real key to the success of our events is creating a genuine connection between people and we will keep working hard to make that possible again.


Since the very beginning, our mission has always been very clear: meeting mental health professionals’ need to constantly update their knowledge and skills, by learning the most effective, scientifically advanced treatment methods and approaches. The enthusiasm and dedication of ISC business partners – Alessandro Carmelita, Valeria Idini and Laura Beccia – as well as their belief that every new experience can be a fundamental source of change, inside and outside each human being, continue to drive the company’s projects and activities, encouraging the whole team to constantly improve and innovate the training opportunities provided to mental health professionals.