Working with Infidelity: Healing the Hurt & Building the Bond
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withWilliam Bumberry, Vagdevi Meunier
Duration: 10h 16m 00s
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Infidelity, with the core ingredients of emotional and/or sexual betrayal, is one of the most distressing and disorienting experiences a couple can encounter. The impact is visceral, powerful and traumatizing. The depth of the pain has profound implications for the initial reaction and perhaps even more so, for the healing that must follow. While the emotional bond can be torn and destroyed in a flash, healing and rebuilding takes time.

If you have experienced this in your own relationship, or navigated the path with clients, you know the journey can be turbulent, even tumultuous. Intense emotions open quickly.

Reactivity is the norm. As a therapist, you need a map. Staying present, attuned and balanced is essential as you guide the couple through the process. “Working with Infidelity” provides this map.

During this workshop you will learn the best our field has to offer.

We will open with an exploration of the brilliant, paradigm shifting Gottman “Atone-Attune-Attach” approach to treating affairs. This model offers clarity and wisdom about how to weather the storm, heal the hurt and rebuild the broken bond. Building on Drs. John and Julie Gottman’s seminal research about what makes relationships thrive, this model emphasizes the centrality of Trust and Commitment in the journey from betrayal to intimacy.

We will also focus on Dr. Susan Johnson’s, Emotionally Focused Therapy. This model offers a deep, attachment-based approach for treating the wounds of infidelity. Working effectively with “attachment injuries” requires opening and containing the initial panic, accessing the vulnerable primary emotions and guiding the couple to a more secure bond. The therapists presence and connection are essential to the process.

This workshop has a compelling clinical focus with a solid research base.

The main topics will be:

  • Understanding Infidelity: Affairs and Betrayal
  • Treating Infidelity: The Gottman Method & “Atone-Attune-Attach”
  • Treating Infidelity: Emotionally Focused Therapy & “Attachment Injury” Repair
  • The Trauma of Discovery: Working with Intense Emotions
  • Assessing the Damage & Identifying Strengths
  • Creating Safety & Healing Wounds
  • Establishing Trust and Building a Secure Base
  • Vulnerability to Intimacy: Creating Connection
  • Deepening Trust & Commitment

What will you learn?

  • Techniques to help couples deal with intense emotional reactivity;
  • To describe the Gottman “Atone-Attune-Attach” model;
  • The steps for working with infidelity from an EFT perspective;
  • Techniques to build emotional intimacy.

About the Speaker

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William Bumberry
William Bumberry, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience working with couples. He has been with the Gottman Institute for more than a decade and is a Senior Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, Trainer and Consultant. Dr. Bumberry is a member of the American Psychological Association and is an adjunct professor in the Department of Psychology at St. Louis University. Since becoming a certified trainer for the Gottman Institute, Dr. Bumberry has presented Gottman professional training throughout the U.S. and abroad. He is an experienced, clear, energetic speaker with the ability to present complicated material in a practical, easy to use manner. Dr. Bumberry is passionate about helping clinicians bring the Gottman Method into their life’s work … “making the world a better place, one couple at a time”. His presentations are highlighted by a blend of humor, creativity, and accessibility. In addition to his expertise in the Gottman Method, Dr. Bumberry is certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy. For many years, he worked closely with Dr. Carl Whitaker. He is co-author of “Dancing with the Family: A Symbolic-Experiential Approach, A Different Kind of Caring” (videotape) and “Reshaping Family Relationships: The Symbolic Therapy of Carl Whitaker”.
Vagdevi Meunier
Dr. Vagdevi Meunier is a licensed professional psychologist & Certified Master Gottman Therapist & Professional Trainer with over 30 years of experience in counseling, education & clinical consultation. She is the founder & Executive Director of The Center for Relationships in Austin, Texas. Dr. Meunier specializes in relationship therapy, specifically with couples & families. She has an extensive history & passion for multicultural psychology, especially eastern influences on psychological practice & cross-cultural relationship research. Dr. Meunier leads "The Art and Science of Love" couples workshops locally in Austin, throughout the United States, as well as internationally. She has presented professionally in the US, Canada & India, and incorporates mindfulness, neurobiology & positive psychology into her psychoeducational lectures.
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2 reviews for this item

  1. Simonetta Betti -

    The US world deals with the subject of infidelity differently from the Italian world. My preparation and skills in dealing with this topic as a psychotherapist were poor. I have now acquired a method of working that I will certainly try out. Excellent lecturers

  2. Raffaella Grasso -

    A splendid course, practical and clear in its content; masterfully delivered by two well-prepared speakers with visible clinical experience. It was the conclusion of a course that has given me valid and expendable tools to manage couples and their moments of crisis.

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