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Training on Gottman method for Couples Therapy - Second Level
withWilliam Bumberry
Dates: 14-15-16-17 December 2023
Time: From 2pm to 7pm (CET Time)
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Available in Italian (simultaneous translation), English
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Information about the event:
If the first level of the course allows you to learn the elements fundamentals of the Gottman Method for couples therapy, the training by according to level offers participants the opportunity to further expand their assessment strategies and therapeutic intervention techniques. After completing the first level of the course, this four-day online workshop represents the next step to be taken to achieve the certification and be recognised as certified Gottman therapists.
At the end of the Level 2 workshop, participants will acquire the familiarity, knowledge and clinical resources needed to integrate the assessment strategies and therapeutic interventions of the Gottman Method for couples therapy within their own clinical practice.This workshop will enable participants to acquire a wide range of information on fundamental aspects such as relationship theory, theobservation of couple dynamics, the evaluation of relationships, the programme of treatment, the specific ways in which different interventions can be used and the work on comorbidities. All materials that will be presented can be used by participants within different clinical contexts. During the workshop the following will be screened footage originals of real couples, taken from the famous "Dr Gottman's 'Love Lab', as well as a series of videos demonstrative drawn from the clinical practice of John and Julie Gottman, in which the use of multiple assessment techniques and numerous therapeutic interventions. Furthermore, thanks to role plays, participants will be able to put the learned interventions into practice, by acquiring the necessary security to be able to use them with couples.
This workshop will illustrate, in a particularly in-depth, the approach adopted by the Gottman Method to treat more complex cases, such as those marked by comorbidities, infidelity, addictions, domestic violence or psychopathologies (e.g. PTSD).

Building on what was learnt in the first level, during the according to level participants will review techniques for evaluating the several couple profiles: friendship, conflict and shared meaning. Furthermore, they will acquire new tools to implement therapeutic interventions that can act as an antidote against the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" and calm physiological overactivation. Participants will also learn how to use six different modalities to change the attack/defence system within of the couple's interactions, as well as to support the partners in starting to talk about the conflicts they are stuck on.

What is included in the price?
The registration fee includes a clinical training manual containing assessment techniques and the main therapeutic interventions used by the Gottman Method for couples therapy. Each participant will also receive a certificate of completion from the Gottman Institute.

Specificallycourse enrolment includes:

  • the possibility of receiving the Italian translation of all important parts of the manual for clinical training (2nd level) + the complete manual in the original language.
  • unlimited and free access to an asynchronous video course by John and Julie Gottman, provided by the Gottman Institute (only available in the original language, without Italian subtitles).
  • Italian transcripts of the main clinical films shown during the workshop.
  • the certificate of completion of the 2nd level of the Gottman Method course for couples therapy, issued directly by the Gottman Institute.
  • the possibility of enrolling in the 3rd level of the course.

Training Reviews

Thousands of clinicians around the world have completed the second level of the Gottman Method course for couples therapy. Here are some of the participants' comments from the second level workshop:

"It was a truly wonderful experience. The theoretical information acquired during the first level was applied to the clinical context in a very effective way. I think this experience will be very useful to me in my clinical practice."(Anonymous evaluation, San Francisco)

"Thank you for the studies you have carried out and the efforts you make to disseminate really valuable tools and discoveries! Your work is deep, concrete and really useful!" (Anonymous evaluation, Tampa)

"For me, it is important to be able to assess each couple in an accurate, timely and meaningful way. I think the assessment model illustrated by the Gottman Method is really valuable at the clinical level." (Anonymous Assessment, Seattle)

What will you learn?

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Describe the three qualities needed for each therapist.
  • Identify the most important aspects to observe and explain why it is crucial to recognise the following: the emotions on the partners' faces, the tension in their voices, the importance of their words and the use of the SPAFF coding system.
  • Describe the seven levels from which the Sound Relationship House is composed.
  • Knowing how to recognise 'offers' and moments when one partner 'turns' towards the other (Bids and Turning Towards).
  • Explain and demonstrate how to carry out an oral interview on the history of the couple. Evaluate the different profiles of the couple: friendship, conflicts and shared meanings.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use these three profiles to choose the most appropriate interventions for each couple.
  • Describe the main instruments to perform cop-assessment: Locke-Wallace test; Weiss-Cerretto test; the Gottman Method's 'solid relationship house' questionnaires; the Gottman Method's 19-area checklist; EAQ; SCL-90; Detour Scales; CAGE; b-Mast, and further assessment techniques.
  • Formulate a treatment plan and present it to couples using the 'solid relationship home' model. Develop a series of interventions that couples can use to combat the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse".
  • Helping partners to calm down (on a physiological level) when they feel overwhelmed. Select and implement a range of conflict management interventions.
  • Use different ways of changing the 'attack/defence system' present in the couple's interactions.
  • Helping couples to have a dialogue about conflicts they are stuck on.
  • Select and implement interventions to help couples develop a deeper 'friendship system', creating rituals to establish connection
  • Select and implement interventions to help couples create a shared system of values and meanings.
  • Use and describe conversations that reduce stress and minimise possible relapses.
  • Identify and formulate a treatment plan for the most common comorbidities in couples, using the Gottman Method's interventions and asses-sment techniques for couples therapy.
  • Describe how to use the Gottman Method for couples therapy when infidelity histories are present.
  • Describe when it is (or is not) appropriate to use the Gottman Method for couples therapy when substance abuse problems are present.
  • Describe the differences between situational and character-based domestic violence; explain when it is (or is not) appropriate to use the Gottman Method for couples therapy when domestic violence has occurred.

In addition to this, participants will learn how to select and implement different therapeutic interventions for:

help couples develop a deeper friendship by creating rituals that foster connection;
help couples create a shared system of values and meanings;
identify and manage five different comorbidities commonly found in couples, using the Gottman Method.
To access the full workshop programme, please visit:

Who is this event aimed at?

In order to enrol, you must have completed the first level of the course.

About the Speaker

Read the Speaker’s biography

William Bumberry
William Bumberry, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in working with couples, which he has been doing for over 25 years. For more than ten years, Dr. Bumberry has been a member of the Gottman Institute, from which he has obtained advanced level certification as a Couples Therapist, Trainer and Consultant specialising in the Gottman Method. In addition, Dr. Bumberry is a member of the American Psychological Association and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Psychology at St. Louis University. Since obtaining his certification as a Trainer from the Gottman Institute, Dr. Bumberry has taught numerous training courses on the Gottman Method both in the United States and internationally. With his extensive experience as a Trainer, Dr. Bumberry is a clear and energetic speaker, capable of presenting complex topics in a practical and highly usable manner. Dr. Bumberry is passionate about training therapists, helping them to apply the Gottman Method to their clinical practice, with the goal of "making the world a better place, couple by couple". Her courses are a combination of creativity, accessibility and a sense of humour. In addition to his experience teaching the Gottman Method, Dr. Bumberry is also certified as an EFT (Emotion Focused Couple Therapy) Therapist. For many years, he collaborated closely with Dr Carl Whitaker. Finally, he is co-author of the books 'Dancing with the Family: A Symbolic-Experiential Approach' and 'Reshaping Family Relationships: The Symbolic Therapy of Carl Whitaker', as well as the video 'A Different Kind of Caring'.
* The event will be formally confirmed upon reaching a minimum attendance threshold of 50 participants.


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