The Emotional and Psychosomatic Regulation Integrated Psychotherapy
withVincenzo Caretti
Dates: October 28th and 29th, 2023
Time: Saturday, from 10am to 6pm; Sunday, from 9am to 5pm (Rome Time)
Duration: 16h 00m 00s
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Location: Milan

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Available in Italian, English
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The Emotional and Psychosomatic Regulation Integrated Psychotherapy (PIREP) is an integrated psychotherapy clinical model with an evolutionary and relational approach, in favor of an intervention aimed at regulating the emotions and bodily sensation of the patient (self-regulation and autonomic regulation), as well as their psychosomatic wellbeing, both when they are with themselves and in their intimate and interpersonal relations (intimacy regulation). This is bio-psycho-social model of intervention, which is open to the innovations that continuously establish themselves in clinical psychology, clinical psychiatry, affective neuroscience and psychosomatic medicine, currently found around the attachment, evolutionary trauma, complex trauma and PTSD theory new possibilities of integration between the dynamic clinical and the interpersonal behavioral cognitive models.

In particular, the PIREP model is polyvagal informed, namely a clinical application of Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal Theory, an integrated therapeutic process which gradually allows the patient, through encouragement of the body-mind insight, to transform their own unconscious dysfunctional patterns and regulate their own emotions and psychosomatic states at the service of their safety in staying with themselves and with the others.

What will you learn?

At the end of the two-day workshop, participants will learn:

  1. The integrated clinical reasoning based on the autonomic regulation of the therapist;
  2. How to use the basic diagnostic tests (SCID-5, AMPD, PID-5, PDI) to encourage the awareness of the traumatic origin recurring schemes and the mentalization of the dissociated psychosomatic states of the client;
  3. The PIREP treatment phases, the management of therapeutic alliance rupture and regressions in psychotherapy;
  4. How to use interpretation in favor of an unconscious plan and the safety of the patient;safety);
  5. The neural exercise of Focusing to encourage the awareness of the patient of the body and the mind and the new cognitive, affective, relational strategies, by focusing on the (Felt-Sense).
This event is divided into 2 parts

Find out the details of each part

First Part

Saturday 28 October 2023


The PIREP Integrated Model: The Clinical Reasoning based on the Complex Trauma and the Integrated Psychotherapy Objectives.


Introduction to Clinical Cases: Using the Diagnostic Tests to Encourage the Body-Mind-Insight of the patient, the Therapeutic Relation as a healing factor in the different treatment phases.

Second Part


The PIREP Integrated Model: The Psychosomatic Reasoning in the Therapeutic Setting, Techniques for the Therapist to Listen to the Patient, the Focusing and the Interactive Co-regulation in Psychotherapy.


Introduction to Clinical Cases: The Transference, the Contro-transference, the Management of the Therapeutic Alliance Ruptures, the Focusing as a Neural Exercise in the Setting.

About the Speaker

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Vincenzo Caretti
Vincenzo Caretti is Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Professor of Dynamic Psychology at the LUMSA University in Rome. He is also the Director of the Post-Graduate Program in “Clinical Criminology and Forensic Science” at the LUMSA University in Rome, as well as the Director of Forma Mentis, the Specialization School in Integrated Psychodynamic Psychotherapy of the Agostino Gemelli Teaching Hospital in Rome. Furthermore, he is the Director of the Italian Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IIPP) in Palermo. Over the years, his research studies have been focusing on different subjects: alexithymia, developmental trauma, psychopathic personality, the application of Polyvagal Theory to psychosomatic approaches in Psychotherapy. He is the author of several publications and has standardized various psychometric tests and semi-structured interviews (such as PDSS, ABQ, PDI, PCL-R and HCRv3), which are commonly used for assessment purposes and in the clinical practice.

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