Non-violent resistance and the parental anchoring function: Coping with aggressive, self-destructive and disruptive behaviors by children and adolescents

Event Type: Live Webinar – Zoom Meetings
Date: Friday 28 October 2022
Time: from 15:00 to 18:00, Italian time (CET)
Language: English (with simultaneous translation into Italian available)
Recording: Recordings fully available without limits of time

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In this webinar, Haim Omer will describe the principles and main tools of NVR (non-violent resistance), a treatment approach for parents of children with violent, impulsive and risk behaviors.  The approach is based on the socio-political doctrine of non-violent struggle (as practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King), but in a way that makes it highly relevant for the family and school context. By means of NVR, parents are helped to become more present, self-controlled, connected and persistent. The approach has been investigated by more than 25 studies, showing high effectiveness in reducing the symptoms of children and adolescents, reducing parental helplessness, reducing parent-child escalation, improving parental knowledge of the child’s activities in legitimate ways, and reducing parental isolation.  The rate of parental engagement is the highest in the whole literature on parent training.  Fathers, especially, can be engaged in the great majority of cases.

Besides a theoretical presentation of NVR, the webinar will also include an interactive session during which participants will have the chance to ask questions to Dr. Omer directly.

Learning objectives:

Participants will learn how to:

  1. establish a positive therapeutic alliance with parents;
  2. help parents become more able to protect themselves, the child and the other children in the family;
  3. help parents come out of isolation and develop a network of support for themselves and their child;
  4. help parents develop self-control and avoid escalation;
  5. help parents prevent and resist destructive behaviors;
  6. use central tools of NVR, such as:
  • the creation of a network of support for the parents and the child;
  • the announcement, the sit-in, the telephone round;
  • the focused intensification of the parents’ mental presence;
  • the performance of reparation acts by the child.

The kind of authoritative parenting fostered by NVR allows the parents to fulfil an anchoring function for the child.  The anchoring function helps to stabilize the child against the pull of dangerous influences, negative emotions and impulsive urges.  By means of the anchoring function, NVR fulfills a central role in the creation of secure attachment.

The Presenter


Haim Omer

Haim Omer is Professor Emeritus at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel-Aviv University.  He is the author of thirteen books (translated into 11 languages) and more than a hundred academic articles.  His approach, known as Non-Violent Resistance or The New Authority, is a major influence in family guidance, school interventions and prevention of risk behaviors by children and adolescents.  He has published many studies on the method and its applications with parents of children with impulsive and aggressive behaviors, anxiety disorders, social withdrawal, juvenile delinquency, teen-drivers, computer misuse, violence against siblings, child-to-parent violence and school refusal.  There have been six international conferences devoted to the approach (London, Antwerp, Munich, Malmo, Tel-Aviv and Linz), as well as dozens of local conferences in more than twenty countries.  There are today dozens of institutes and training centers throughout Europe and America devoted to the approach and its dissemination.


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