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A somatic approach to dealing with and overcoming trauma and PTSD

with Peter Levine
Therapists know how difficult it can be to help clients heal from trauma, especially if traditional cognitive or trauma-oriented approaches are used.insight. In these sessions with an Iraq war veteran diagnosed with a severe form of PTSD, Peter Levine - creator of the Somatic Experiencing® - teaches a series of powerful techniques to be used in the treatment of trauma, showing how to use this trauma-oriented approach. body.
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Discover the training objectives of this on-demand course:
  • Creating a therapeutic setting characterised by a relative security.
  • Helping customers make an initial exploration of their body sensationsand to draw comfort from them.
  • Recognising the process of "pendulum"which encourages customers to get in touch with the intrinsic rhythm within one's own body.
  • Restore active and adaptive defensive responsesas well as the protective reflections of customers.
  • Teaching clients to focus on one feeling or emotion at a time ("modulation"), to avoid further overloading the nervous system and reliving the trauma.
  • Splitting the fear from theimmobility to help the client experience the physical sensations associated with immobility in the absence of fear.
  • Encouraging customers to discharge their energy, reporting the states of hyper-arousal to a condition of balance.
  • Restoring balance and equilibrium through theself-regulationhelping the customer to perceive positive feelings, as well as a sense of hope and of power.
  • Redirecting customers to the here-and-nowso that they can interact with their surroundings, self-regulate and feel alive again outside the therapeutic context.
What will you learn from this On-Demand Course?

Trauma overwhelms the nervous system, trapping clients in a cycle of pain and despair that not only seems inescapable, but ends up depriving them of all vital energy. According to Peter Levine, performing a re-regulation of the nervous system is the only solution to allow customers to free themselves from this cycle, before they even start processing the traumatic experiences. Based on the foundations of Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory, directives and body-orientedtechniques developed by Levine can be integrated into a wide range of therapeutic modalities and used to treat all types of traumafrom car accidents to surgery, from child abuse to experiences of violence and natural disasters.

In a nutshell, trauma implies "rigidity"and pain, while 'flow' implies a sense of liberation and freedom to live. During the five sessions with Ray, Levine introduces a series of techniques essential to the trauma resolutionwhich greatly improve the Tourette syndrome-like symptomatology, as well as the client's general suffering and emotional outlook.

This video will allow clinicians to closely observe the work done by this great trauma expert, almost as if they were sitting next to him, in front of Ray. In this way, they will have the opportunity to create their own repertoire of therapeutic techniques, as well as to strengthen theclinical efficacy of working with traumatised clients who undertake a path of healing.

Who is this On-Demand Course aimed at?
This On-Demand Course is aimed at all psychologists and psychotherapists.
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Peter Levine
Peter A. Levine, Ph.D., is the renowned creator of Somatic Experiencing®. He holds a doctorate in Medical and Biological Physics from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate in Psychology from International University. Winner of four lifetime achievement awards, he is the author of numerous books, including 'Emotional Shock Trauma - Waking the Tiger', which has been printed in 33 countries and has sold over a million copies.

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