Ego State Therapy Training Course with Robin Shapiro
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withRobin Shapiro
Duration: 19h 17m 00s
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Available in Italian and English
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This training course is a practical overview of understanding ego state therapy for dissociative and non-dissociative clients. Participants will get a working model of ego states; how they arise; how to bring resourced “oldest, wisest” parts to the front and access other positive states; how to heal simple trauma and complex trauma (including sexual trauma), deal with relationship issues (including finding a good relationship), contain and heal distressed and destructive parts in “high-tech” safe places, keep all parts oriented to the present, work with suicidal parts, and deal with personality-disordered and highly dissociative clients. Participants will also learn how to use ego state therapy to calm over-active immune systems and chronic pain.
The training course includes lecture and practice and some case demonstration. Participants should be able to use ego state therapy with their clients upon completing this course.

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Robin Shapiro
Robin Shapiro, LICSW, edited and contributed to EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing (Norton, 2005) and EMDR Solutions II: Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance & More (2009) and wrote Trauma Treatments Handbook (2010), and Easy Ego State Interventions (2016). Alongside with writing activity, she devotes herself passionately in presenting about ego states, EMDR topics, and suicide prevention. Dr. Shapiro offers clinical consultation for EMDR, ego state work, and complex trauma; and thirty-five years of psychotherapy practice, especially around issues of trauma, anxiety, and attachment.
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4 reviews for this item

  1. LICIA BARROCU (verified owner) -

    An excellent training indeed, there had been problems with audio which is now excellent! thank you very much indeed. A training full of exemplifications, techniques that can really be used in therapy and which are helping me in my practice (the two-handed technique, the circle of love and making the child parts fly through time and also some important points on suicide risk). clear and really insightful lecturer. I highly recommend it

  2. Carlo Quaranta -

    Having already used a form of ego-state therapy, I find it essential to deepen this knowledge, and Robin Shapiro's presentation reassures me as to how appropriate it may be to take his course for this purpose.

  3. Laura Alberti (verified owner) -

    Very interesting

  4. Eleonora -

    Corso ricco, utile, interessantissimo, pratico, mi sta servendo molto nella pratica clinica, molto grata di averlo seguito.

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