Daniel Hill "Affect Regulation: From Theory to Practice"
withDaniel Hill
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Regulation Theory the clinical model Affective Regulation Theory provides a clinical model that can be used by relational psychotherapy, divided into four different areas: a body theory, a theory of optimal development, a theory of pathogenesis and, finally, a theory relating to therapeutic treatment.
During the workshop, participants will learn how to properly conceptualise affective states and their regulation, as well as how to distinguish between integrated regulated and dissociated dysregulated self-states. In addition, they will learn about the neurobiology of secure and insecure attachment, relational trauma and the effects it causes, such as character disorders and chronic suffering resulting from dissociated shame. Some essential processes in the treatment of personality disorders and other disorders associated with affective regulation will also be examined: interactional regulation and vitalising attunement.

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Daniel Hill
And psychoanalyst, trainer and one of the leading proponents of the paradigm shift towards affective regulation theory. In addition to his clinical practice in private practice, Dr. Hill has been training at psychoanalysis and psychotherapy institutes for more than 30 years, including courses on adolescent development and psychopathology, as well as on the clinical use of numerous therapeutic models. Daniel Hill's presentations and publications deal with a wide range of topics: from erotic transference to the clinical use of multiple therapeutic models; from the influence of the Internet on psychoanalysis to the possibilities and limits of video-mediated therapy, and the subject of religious fundamentalism as seen through the lens of affective regulation, which he has analysed more often. Dr. Hill is also the founder of the PsyBC, which has been active since 1996 and became the Center for the Study of Affect Regulation ( in 2016. Over the past ten years, Hill has lectured and led a number of private study groups aimed at a deeper understanding of the affective processes involved in normal individual development, pathogenesis, and therapeutic treatment. Daniel Hill actively collaborates with the National Institute of the Psychotherapies and is a lecturer in the post-doctoral programme in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy organised by New York Uni- versity. Finally, Hill is the author of the book "Affect Regulation Theory: a Clinical Model" (published in 2015 by Norton Press), the Italian edition of which was published by Raffaello Cortina Editore in 2017.

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