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Dialectical Behavioural Therapy with suicidal clients

with Marsha Linehan
This series illustrates the work of Marsha Linehan, creator of the Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)in the course of different therapeutic sessions. The variety of live demonstrations in these videos will captivate the viewer: from the assessment of suicidal tendencies and the negotiation of a "non-suicide contract", to the maintenance of rootedness to reality (grounding), Marsha Linehan uses a series of interventions and techniques of problem-solving highly effective. Through this video course, clinicians will be able to acquire fundamental strategies for working with suicidal, borderline and emotionally dysregulated clients.
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Discover the training objectives of this on-demand course:

Part 1

  • Learning to conduct a initial behavioural assessment using Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).
  • Learning to implement elements from the methodology and DBT strategies in working with their customers.
  • Recognising how a dialectical-behavioural therapist assesses the suicidal behaviour and obtains the client's commitment to continue the therapy.

Second and third parts:

  • Understanding the most common challenges that dialectical-behavioural therapists face in working with suicidal clients.
  • Learn about the main DBT interventions to assess risk, managing reactivity and negotiate a "non-suicide contract“.
  • Learning to use the psycho-educationas well as to adopt a directive attitude in order to remain focused on the most important clinical tasks.
What will you learn from this On-Demand Course?

Marsha Linehan is perhaps the therapist who has most influenced current psychotherapy over the past decades. Although she does a great deal of teaching and training, opportunities to see her at work with a client, during a full session, are few and far between. This video series represents, therefore, a rare opportunity for any therapist, whether already using Dialectical Behavioural Therapy or not.

Part 1 - DBT: 3 approaches to the treatment of personality disorders

In this first session, Marsha Linehan works with a charming but difficult client, brilliantly played by Dutch actor Henk Grashuis. The man makes it clear that he is actively suicidehe has little confidence in the therapy and is not necessarily willing to continue the treatment. In the course of the session, the client 'dodges and hits', hiding some of the more damaging aspects of his past behaviour and portraying himself as a angry victim and wounded. In her frank and forthright style, Marsha Linehan defines the customer objectivesmakes it clear which of his behaviours must change immediately and convinces him to agree to put aside suicidal behaviour, choosing to further treatment. Through a series of off-screen comments, Marsha Linehan explains the reasons behind certain choices and clarifies what prompted her to use different interventions. The viewer will be fascinated by these client-therapist interactions.

Part 2: The use of DBT with suicidal clients (Volume 1)

Customers borderline, suicidal and self-harming are among the most challenging populations to treat: a thorough understanding of clinical strategies is, therefore, essential for successful therapy. This video illustrates several proven techniques and personal additions made by Marsha Linehan that can guide clinical practice and strengthen therapists' skills in this regard. In particular, the video offers an in-depth look at the most common challenges related to the assessment in the field of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Marsha Linehan conducts two initial sessions with 'client' Stacy (actually, a student of Linehan's who plays, through a role-play, one of her clients), during which she skilfully addresses her 'avoidant behaviour at 100%' and, at the same time, tries to come to terms with her suicidal tendencies. Marsha Linehan performs a decisive risk assessmento, without falling into the trap of allowing herself to be confused by the client, but rather by supporting Stacy's autonomy and challenging her, prompting her to imagine that she could use skills of coping more adaptive.

Part 3: The use of DBT with suicidal clients (Volume 2)

The latest video offers an in-depth overview of the clinical challenges most common in DBT. Marsha Linehan leads a session of follow-up with the 'client' Stacy (the same as in the second video), during which she skilfully confronts her reactive behaviour self-harm (cutting herself), while managing to negotiate with respect to the management of her suicidal behaviour. Marsha Linehan carries out a firm risk assessment, without falling into the trap of allowing herself to be confused by the client, but rather by supporting Stacy's autonomy and challenging her, pushing her to imagine the use of coping more adaptive.

Analysing fundamental aspects such as the risk assessment, reactivity management and the negotiation of a 'non-suicide contract', this video course offers clinicians the support they need to enhance their work with borderline clients, and is an essential resource for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of DBT.

Who is this On-Demand Course aimed at?
This On-Demand Course is aimed at all psychologists and psychotherapists.
Marsha Linehan
Marsha Linehan, PhD, is a professor of psychology and adjunct professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at the University of Washington. She directs the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics, a consortium of research projects aimed at developing and evaluating the effectiveness of new treatments for client populations with severe disorders, multiple diagnoses and suicidal tendencies. Her research work mainly focuses on the application of behavioural models to the treatment of suicidal behaviour, drug abuse and borderline personality disorder. She is also involved in the design of effective models for the dissemination of treatments with a solid scientific basis within the therapeutic community. Linehan is the originator of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), a therapeutic modality originally created for the treatment of suicidal behaviour, now applied to other mental disorders.

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