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Emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) in action

with Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson's contribution to the field of couples therapy has been called "the most original in the last 30 years". This video course offers a unique opportunity to see her at work during a real-life session with a difficult couple haunted by the 'echoes of war'.
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Discover the training objectives of this on-demand course:
  • Learning the theoretical foundations and key principles of emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT).
  • Understanding how to help partners identify negative cycles within which they get stuck.
  • Learning how to use a number of specific techniques - such as reformulation, amplification, 'non-stop and' empathy and the enactment - to help partners access the primary emotions at the origin of their conflicts.
What will you learn from this On-Demand Course?

Having to choose a single video course on couples therapy, this is definitely a good choice. In just one video, Sue Johnson manages to summarise the key principles of emotionally focused couples therapy (Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT), to offer expert counselling, as well as to conduct a truly masterful therapeutic session with a very challenging and high-conflict couple. This video course includes everything you need to learn more about the EFT model and the rave reviews it has received amply confirm this.


Who is this On-Demand Course aimed at?
This On-Demand Course is aimed at all psychologists and psychotherapists.
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Hold me tight
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Hold me tight. Seven steps to a life full of love
Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson is an author, clinical psychologist, researcher, lecturer and renowned speaker, and one of the foremost experts to have innovated the field of couples and attachment therapy in adulthood. She invented Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), whose effectiveness has been proven over 35 years of peer-reviewed clinical research. Sue Johnson is Director and Founder of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), Distinguished Research Professor at Alliant University in San Diego, California, and Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Johnson has received numerous awards for developing emotion-focused therapy and establishing the International Training and Certification Programme in EFT, as well as for her significant contributions to the fields of couples therapy, family therapy and attachment in adulthood. These include being made a member of the Order of Canada and receiving a lifetime achievement award from Psychotherapy Networker in 2022. Among Sue Johnson's books aimed at mental health professionals, the best known are: 'Creating Relationships. Handbook of emotion-focused couples therapy' (3rd edition, 2020), 'Emotion-focused family therapy' (2019) and 'Emotion-focused couples therapy with trauma survivors' (2002). The book 'Attachment Theory in Practice: Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) in the Individual, Couple and Family Setting' (2019) illustrates the promise made by attachment science with respect to the possibility of attributing meaning and repairing the individual's most meaningful relationships, enabling them to increase their strength and resilience. Attachment science offers the most powerful model for generating therapeutic change, especially in cases of anxiety and depression, and of the various intervention models, EFT is the one that most captures the very essence of the attachment perspective. EFT focuses on what it calls 'survival-oriented human connection', i.e. the strongest emotions, by systematically modelling the basic interactions that enable bonding with others. Sue Johnson's latest clinician-focused book 'A Guide to Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy. Cultivating Growth and Psychophysical and Emotional Well-Being in Every Client' (2021), emphasises the unique benefits of EFT as a multimodal approach to treating emotional disorders.

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