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Understanding trauma with Bessel van der Kolk

with Bessel Van Der Kolk
There are thousands of people who, every year, suffer a traumamany of whom undertake therapy to feel better. Bessel van der Kolk, a well-known therapist and researcher, famous for his clarity, explains how to make clinical work with these clients more effective, always remembering that "the body takes the blow“.
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Discover the training objectives of this on-demand course:
  • Knowing how to describe the symptoms either a single trauma than a complex trauma.
  • Recognise the different ways in which the body 'takes the blow' inflicted by the trauma.
  • Explain the benefits of somatic approaches to the treatment of trauma.
What will you learn from this On-Demand Course?

In this intimate and authentic conversation, Dr. van der Kolk demonstrates first-hand how necessary it is for therapists to evolve, developing a new understanding and new ways of intervening with respect to the healing from trauma. The personal evolution of traumatised clients has been interrupted by the horrific experiences they have had, totally out of their control. Clinicians will be led to question the use of known, often unscientific, treatment methods that struggle to adequately address the client's feeling of being stuck. By listening to van der Kolk's words, perhaps several times, it will be possible to begin to glimpse a way out of the frustration, isolation, helplessness and despair that often accompany trauma and its treatment.

Just as trauma is not just the story of gruesome experiences experienced by adults and children, its treatment goes beyond simply telling that story. The treatment of trauma implies the individual's ability to integrate the sensory fragments related to the traumatic experience within a richer and healthier existence. With this in mind, van der Kolk encourages therapists to deepen their understanding of the somatic approaches and/or to appropriately assess when to send a client to a colleague with such training. This will help the client to shed a trauma/victim-centred identity, enabling them to live an existence free of fear, anger, dissociation, dysregulation and disconnection. Trauma paralyses the areas of the brain necessary to move forward in time and to effectively utilise cognitive resources such as logic, language and self-regulation.

van der Kolk's passion and expertise, as well as the clinical knowledge acquired by the lecturer through years of hard work in the field, will help therapists to better manage their work with challenging trauma clients, recognising the importance of adopting a strengths-based approach to the client, oriented towards resilience and focused on hope.

Who is this On-Demand Course aimed at?
This On-Demand Course is aimed at all psychologists and psychotherapists.
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Bessel Van Der Kolk
Bessel van der Kolk MD has spent his career studying how children and adults adapt to traumatic experiences and has translated emerging findings from neuroscience and attachment research to develop and study a range of treatments for traumatic stress in children and adults. In 1984, he established one of the first clinical and research centres in the United States dedicated to the study and treatment of traumatic stress in civilian populations. He conducted the first studies on the effects of SSRIs on PTSD; was a member of the first neuroimaging team that studied how trauma modifies brain processes; and conducted the first research linking BPD and intentional self-harm to trauma and neglect in early childhood. He initiated the process that led to the creation of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), which today funds about 150 centres specialising in the development of effective therapeutic interventions.

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