Trauma, Attachment

Attachment and Trauma: Personality developement and psychoterapy (2015 Rome)
withEdward Tronik, Peter Fonagy, Kathy Steele, Arnoud Arntz, Allan Schore, Russel Meares
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Available in Italian and English


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Evento dal vivo a Roma

Da Ven 30 Settembre a Dom 2 Ottobre 2022

Attachment and Trauma: Effective Clinical Interventions and Research
With Suzette A. Boon, Mary Jo Barrett, Diana Fosha, Roger Solomon, Vincenzo Caretti, Elizabeth Warner, Jonathan Baylin, Skip Rizzo, Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio, Ronald D. Siegel, Christiane Sanderson, Deb Dana

Potrai ricevere sino a 145 ECM credits available