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Experiential workshop on Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy by Alessandro Carmelita

by Alessandro Carmelita
Dr. Carmelita will show you a live session of Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy and allow a short space for your questions and answers in a dedicated panel at the end of the experiential workshop.
26,01 £

Implicit Psychotherapy Boundary Repair Experiential Workshop

With Abi Blakeslee
In this short experiential workshop, you will learn how to repair boundary breaks. When a traumatic or overwhelming event occurs, there is usually a boundary breach. Our sense of safety, danger and threat to life are detected by millions of years of evolution, as are our accumulated experiences. The rapid response from implicit memory, the unconsciously encoded memory, signals us to defend and protect ourselves from real and perceived danger. Boundary breaks can occur through collective, shock, emotional, physical and relational trauma. This short experiential workshop will provide you with a framework to use when talking to your clients about boundaries and how they can be repaired on an implicit and neurophysiological level. You will have the opportunity to observe a demonstration of a boundary repair exercise and practice together.
26,01 £

Experiential workshop with Mary Jo Barrett

edited by Mary Jo Barrett
Transforming Family Relationships from Traumatic to Healing. This experiential workshop will focus on the specific cycle of how family members/couples maintain abusive and/or dysregulating interactions and how to interrupt the cycle. Through didactic, video tape examples, and brief experiential exercise we will explore the intergenerational and interactional aspects of Complex Developmental Trauma and how to utilize these relationships of attachment for healing and growth.
26,01 £

Participate in all workshops

edited by Alessandro Carmelita, Mary Jo Barrett, Abi Blakeslee
By purchasing all three workshops you will pay 60€ instead of 90€.
52,02 £
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Attachment and Trauma: The State of the Art of Psychotherapy (London)
With Alessandro Carmelita, Harry Farmer, Janina Fisher, Marina Cirio, Mary Jo Barrett, Ronald D. Siegel, Suzette A. Boon, Jan Winhall, Terry Real, Remco Van der Wijngaart, Sebern Fisher, Abi Blakeslee
From June 23rd to June 25th, 2023 (Fri-Sat-Sun)
🪙 36 ECM credits (2023) 🪙 21 CPD credits 🪙 20 CE credits