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Extras for Workshops

This section is for those who have already purchased an event and want to add an extra to it at a later date.

Il cuore della terapia di coppia: sbloccare le questioni causa di stallo su cui la coppia resta bloccata – 15/09

with William Bumberry
At core, the Gottman approach to couples therapy is an emotionally focused, experientially driven adventure. Is it also psycho-educationally focused? Well, of course. The decades of relationship defining research from the Love Lab offer a cortex friendly understanding of the dance between partners. This research is an enlightening, enriching contribution to our professions, as well as to couples around the globe. This workshop will focus on the central intervention of Gottman Couples Therapy, the “Dreams Within Conflict” intervention. This intervention opens and addresses the core conflicts ... the “gridlocked” issues that plague relationships. Gridlocked issues are not only areas of chronic “differentness” but areas of persistent “stuckness”. Neither partner feels seen, heard or cared for. At best, they feel misunderstood ... at worst, demeaned and alone. The impasse is typically embedded in a core value or belief that makes compromise difficult. Compassion and empathy are inaccessible. This distorts the relationship dance and erodes the foundation of secure attachment. Join us for a glimpse into the efficacy and impact of the Gottman model.

Neural Desensitization and Integration Training (NDIT): Journey Through the Brain (16/09 - from 13 to 14 - Jennifer Sweeton)

with Jennifer Sweeton
This experiential workshop provides attendees with an overview of NDIT, a new trauma-focused, neuroscience-based therapy that helps clients heal using approaches that work with natural brain change, not against it. It is often the case that therapists select the right therapeutic approaches, but implement them at the wrong time, when specific brain regions are inaccessible. NDIT provides therapists with a trauma treatment framework, and categorizes critical brain-changing skills into five distinct modules, each of which targets specific brain regions known to be affected by psychological trauma. Participants attending this workshop will take a brief journey through the brain, learning about the five main areas of the brain impacted by trauma, and the types of techniques associated with brain change in those areas. Additionally, through group exercises, attendees will have the opportunity to experience accessing, activating, and de-activating multiple brain regions and neural networks in their own brains!

Laboratorio Esperenziale “Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy: Oltre il trattamento del trauma: un approccio esperienziale ed immediato per la relazione con il Sé e con l’altro” – 16/09

with Marina Cirio
This workshop offers participants the opportunity to experience the peculiarity of the MIMT setting, in which the patient and the therapist stand in front of a mirror, in a continuous and supervised process of sharing of the gaze and the emotional states. The relationship with one’s own image can immediately trigger contents related to the construction of the Self in the development, starting from the mirroring in the attachment relationship. The lack of attunement of the emotional states between the child and the caregiver can cause phenomena of dissociation of the elements of the Self, which re-emerge in front of the mirror and can be repaired in the here and now of the therapeutic relationship. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the relationship with the Self and the Other through the mirror, experiencing the immediacy through which the particular setting and the employed techniques allow to access the deep contents of the identity, and to the construction of a sense of connection based on the compassion beyond words.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for OCD: A Brief Journey into the Practice (16/09 - from 13 to 14 - Fabrizio Didonna)

by Fabrizio Didonna
In this experiential workshop, Dr. Fabrizio Didonna will share the rationale and some practices of the MBCT for OCD treatment model (Guilford Press, 2019). The aims of this workshop are to allow participants to understand the effects of some mindfulness practices on themselves in favoring the development of some therapeutic skills such as decentering, acceptance, non-judgment and mindful-exposure, which are core qualities to create a significant change both in people affected by OCD and PTSD.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the workshop, participants will have had the opportunity to explore:
- The practice of cultivating a friendly, decentered and non-judging relationship to internal and external experience
- An understanding of the central role of mindfulness meditation in facilitating the processes of decentering, disidentification, acceptance and mindful exposure, which are pivotal in changing OCD and PTSD pathological biases and mechanisms.
- An understanding and experience of ‘coming back’ to a personal choice of anchor in the body and/or the breath
- Some brief straightforward mindful practices from the MBCT for OCD model and how to weave them into their day – including learning how to share these safely with their patients/clients if it is appropriate

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with Marina Cirio, Jan Winhall, Jennifer Sweeton and Fabrizio Didonna
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