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Institute of Cognitive Science (ISC)

Founded by Alessandro Carmelita, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, and Valeria Idini in 2005, the Institute of Cognitive Science (ISC) Ltd was created to offer high-quality professional training opportunities in the field of Psychology.

Continuing professional development in Psychology is fundamental not only to safeguard each human being’s mental health, but also to create a fairer, more balanced and peaceful society.

Since Psychology is a constantly evolving discipline, mental health professionals need to keep their knowledge up-to-date through continuing professional development, while also developing a real curiosity about humans and their wellbeing.

ISC has always cared about the professional and individual needs of Psychologists and Psychotherapists. This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality courses conducted by renowned international Experts in the field of Psychological Science.

The Congress “Attachment and Trauma” – first held in 2014 in Rome – has always been a significant event in the Psychotherapy landscape, both in Italy and abroad.

With a remarkable attendance rate and participants coming from over 30 countries, this Congress has marked a milestone for the Institute, thus leading to the development of a wider, more diversified and international range of professional training opportunities.

New York, Rome, and London are the three cities where the “Attachment and Trauma” Congress has been hosted so far, each time with new speakers and subjects. The important results achieved by the London Congress in 2017 – with a record attendance of 1,300 participants from 42 countries – marked the beginning of the ongoing internationalisation process of our courses.

We do believe that everyone should constantly improve. The key to success is building meaningful relationships that can evolve over time. By taking care of mental health professionals’ continuing development, we improve their job and – even indirectly – we ensure the wellbeing of the people they help every day.


Evento dal vivo a Roma

Da Ven 30 Settembre a Dom 2 Ottobre 2022

Attachment and Trauma: Effective Clinical Interventions and Research
With Suzette A. Boon, Mary Jo Barrett, Diana Fosha, Roger Solomon, Vincenzo Caretti, Elizabeth Warner, Jonathan Baylin, Skip Rizzo, Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio, Ronald D. Siegel, Christiane Sanderson, Deb Dana

Potrai ricevere sino a 145 ECM credits available