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The Role of the Neurobiological Core Self and Its Felt Sense in the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation

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Diana Fosha, Ph.D., will focus her presentation on the dyadic moment-to-moment tracking of the felt sense of the neurobiological core self in the treatment of trauma and dissociation.  Drawing on research on neuroplasticity, affective neuroscience, attachment theory, developmental caregiver-infant interactions, and transformational studies, Diana developed AEDP’s fundamentally experiential, dyadic, healing-oriented practice. This workshop will show how to make clinical use of the important construct of the neurobiological core self, introduced by both Jaak Panksepp and Antonio Damasio. Clinical videotapes will illustrate experiential clinical work conducted at the upper limits of the window of tolerance in order to expand the patient’s relational, emotional and receptive affective capacities. The focus will be on techniques involving affirmation and recognition, making use of the therapist’s affective self.  The clinical work will demonstrate moment-to-moment tracking informed by Jaak Panksepp’s concept of the neurobiological core self. Manifestations of the neurobiological core self will be tracked from the earliest moment of the 1st session through the end of the treatment in a patient with complex PTSD. With clinical videotapes.


Diana Fosha, Ph.D. is the developer of AEDP (Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy), and founder and current director of the AEDP Institute, an internationally recognized school that specializes in training therapists in a healing-oriented transformational approach to the treatment of attachment trauma. For the last 20 years, she has been active in promoting a scientific basis for a healing-oriented, attachment-, emotion- and transformation-focused therapy.

A leader in the field of transformational studies in trauma treatment, Fosha’s work on healing transformational processes focuses on integrating neuroplasticity, recognition science and developmental dyadic research into experiential clinical process work with patients. The author of numerous papers and book chapters, she is the author of The transforming power of affect: A model for accelerated change (Basic Books, 2000); senior editor, with Daniel Siegel and Marion Solomon, of The healing power of emotion: Affective neuroscience, development & clinical practice (Norton, 2009), and co-author, with Natasha Prenn, of Supervision essentials for Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (APA, 2016).


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Attaccamento e Trauma: Le nuove frontiere della ricerca e della pratica clinica
a cura di Suzette A. Boon, Mary Jo Barrett, Diana Fosha, Roger Solomon, Vincenzo Caretti, Elizabeth Warner, Jonathan Baylin, Skip Rizzo, Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio, Ronald D. Siegel, Christiane Sanderson, Deb Dana

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