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The development of self-identity and consciousness, interpreted as a relational construct: this is the new, overall topic of the next “Attachment and Trauma” Congress in Rome, which is being held on May 22nd-24th, 2020. When the developmental process is disrupted by inadequate caretaking, insufficient attunement or experiences of abuse within the caregiving relationship, the child’s inner sense of continuity and consistence can be severely affected, thus leading to a fragmentation of the Self. Human consciousness is structured in the intersubjective dimension that characterizes mirroring experiences with others. When such experiences are missing, this may lead to a dissociation of the Self and, in the presence of complex trauma, dissociative symptoms may involve extreme rigidity. During their talks, Speakers will explore a multitude of complex aspects related to the development of consciousness. At this respect, brain studies will be a starting point to get a deeper insight into human interactions and go beyond the mere distinction between top-down and bottom-up processes, thanks to a more integrated and comprehensive analysis of social dimensions. In addition, Speakers will highlight the most effective therapeutic approaches that can be adopted in order to create an integrative intervention system, based on specific aspects of the therapeutic relationship. From this perspective, the latter is understood as an opportunity to heal Self-fragmentation, as well as a space where both the therapist and the client can engage with each other in a safe way. Besides this, a series of intervention methods aimed at treating complex trauma and preventing its intergenerational legacy will be discussed. The Congress will also be a unique opportunity to explore new treatment perspectives in Psychotherapy, such as Mirror Therapy and, last but not least, specific interventions based on the use of prosody, music and voice to activate the client’s engagement system within the therapeutic setting.


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Day1 – Fabio Veglia1:45:00
Day 1 – Christine Courtois1:37:00
Day1 – Bruce Ecker1:32:00
Day1 – Elizabeth Howell1:22:00
Day1 – Panel00:36:00
Day2 – Liz Mullinar1:25:00
Day2 – Offer Maurer1:28:00
Day 2 – Roger Solomon00:00:00
Day 2 – Pat Ogden1:28:00
Day 2 – Panel00:44:00
Day 3 – Ruth Lanius1:32:00

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Evento dal vivo a Roma

Da Ven 30 Settembre a Dom 2 Ottobre 2022

Attaccamento e Trauma: Le nuove frontiere della ricerca e della pratica clinica
a cura di Suzette A. Boon, Mary Jo Barrett, Diana Fosha, Roger Solomon, Vincenzo Caretti, Elizabeth Warner, Jonathan Baylin, Skip Rizzo, Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio, Ronald D. Siegel, Christiane Sanderson, Deb Dana

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