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Attachment and Trauma congress dissociation and integration of the personality – Rome 2019

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The new edition of the Attachment and Trauma congress will deal with dissociation and integration. When it comes to dissociation, one cannot fail to speak of trauma. The presence of traumatic events in the history of life affects the structuring of the individual personality to such an extent as to inhibit the development of integrative functions and lead to even extreme dissociative phenomena. The severity of the trauma seems to determine the severity of the level of dissociation, and a criterion for defining how much the trauma can weigh on an individual’s personality is, in addition to the entity of the event itself, the identity of the person acting on it. When the attachment figures become figures from which to protect themselves, the cardinal points within which to orient the construction of identity are lacking and the ability to integrate our experiences into a coherent and stable representation of ourselves and others is lost. .

Dissociation is a complex phenomenon, the symptoms of which are present in different mental disorders, and it is not always easy to distinguish them from a clinical and therapeutic point of view, since they can be confused and overlapped with others. For this reason the interventions of the speakers will analyze dissociative symptoms from different perspectives, trying to identify common points and important distinctions in the complex mass of phenomenological data that psychopathology presents to us, and defining the guidelines to favor the reorganization of the dissociated personality. , towards a harmonious and coherent integration of the different parts. The neuroscientific, clinical aspects and the most effective intervention hypotheses will be studied in depth, as well as the diagnostic elements on which to direct the professional’s attention, in order to provide a wide-ranging vision, useful in the therapeutic work of typology.
so complex of disturbance.


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Evento dal vivo a Roma

Da Ven 30 Settembre a Dom 2 Ottobre 2022

Attaccamento e Trauma: Le nuove frontiere della ricerca e della pratica clinica
a cura di Suzette A. Boon, Mary Jo Barrett, Diana Fosha, Roger Solomon, Vincenzo Caretti, Elizabeth Warner, Jonathan Baylin, Skip Rizzo, Alessandro Carmelita, Marina Cirio, Ronald D. Siegel, Christiane Sanderson, Deb Dana

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